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How to Get Your House Under Control Fast!

Cleaning Podcast Episode: 25 Minute House RescueDo you lack the time, motivation, or focus needed to clean house today? Get your home under control by spending just 25 minutes on housework! By the end of this episode, you will have started some laundry, done some dishes, removed some clutter, and made your bed. Maybe 25 minutes is all the time you have right now, or maybe this episode could serve as a way to jump start a more thorough cleaning session. It’s free to listen to so what are you waiting for!?
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Cleaning House in the Time Allotted

Not to sound like a Karen, but I caught the guy who’s been buying up all the Clorox wipes! Hear this petty rant as well as another story about a mini cleaning crisis that my teenager put me in. This episode is a whole-house cleaning talk through, and I hope it motivates and inspires you to get a lot done in a short time. Thank you so much for listening!

My Favorite Mascara!

If you’ve listened to my podcast for very long, you’ve probably heard me talk about getting presentable before a cleaning session, and mascara is what makes me feel ready for the day. I’ve been using Epic mascara for two years, and I love it so much that I’ve started selling it! I recently became an Independent Younique Presenter, and buying mascara or other makeup and skin care from my Younique website will help support the show! You’re gonna love these amazing products anyway so I hope you get them through me. 
Thanks in advance, and as always, “Happy Cleaning!”

How I achieve a professional looking manicure at home!

I don’t like the way acrylic and gel manicures damage my nails and make them look thick. I prefer the look of nail polish on my own natural nails, but traditional nail polish just doesn’t stay on long enough, and it takes so long to dry. Enter Color Street nail polish strips. They’re easy to apply, are dry to the touch immediately, and can last up to 14 days! Since the strips are 100 percent nail polish, you remove them with regular nail polish remover!

I’m so excited about these new strips, and I think you will love them too!Click here to order through me, your Color Street stylist, or e-mail me your address if you want a couple of free accent nails to try as a sample.

Another product I recommend for growing out your own natural nails is this nail oil my friend Jennifer sells. Note: Be sure to use rubbing alcohol to remove any lotion or oils before applying nail polish strips. Each package of Color Street will include an alcohol prep pad and a mini nail file for your convenience.


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